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Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University

Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University (TeSaU) is one of the oldest educational centers in Georgia. The University is the worthy successor of the century-old educational traditions of Ikalto Academy (XII Century). Since 1939 the institution has been named after the great Georgian pedagogue and public figure IakobGogebashvili. On the 60th anniversary from its foundation, in 1999, it was awarded the status of State University. It is an autonomous State Higher Educational Institution. Getting education at the university is available through renewed programmes covering Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral cycles. The Institution covers vocational educational programmes as well.

Influence of the project on Institution

Faculty of Education will have a portfolio of methods, materials and tools for adaptation, based on theexperiences gained in European universities. The teaching staff will develop concepts and methods for courses and will focus on the local context of diversity. Within the courses teaching materials for diverse science classes using modern technologies will be created.

Network – local partners

Nino Modebadze

I am Nino Modebadze, a professor at the Faculty of Education. The main research of my dissertation includes the search for strategies for the development of students’ cognitive interests in science lessons, which cannot be achieved through a passive educational process. We need to develop necessary skills among teacher education students in conducting interactive lessons or in the training of teachers. This project is a good chance to develop teacher training processes at Telavi State University and in Georgia in general. The science laboratory equipped within the project and the trained staff give us this hope.

Tamar Mikeladze

Hi, I am Tamar, an Associate professor in the field of Education, mainly in English Language teaching methodology. I have always been interested in teaching a foreign language through different resources and this project is a great opportunity to integrate interdiciplinary approach within cultural and linguistic diversity.

Natela (Natia) Bagatrishvili

I am Natia Baghatrishvili, Doctor of Education. My research activities are related to natural Sciences and I am constantly looking for factors that will help create a student-centered learning environment.The priority is to identify the students’ interests and increase their motivation in science subjects through research activities. I am pleased to take a new challenge to integrate a variety of linguistic and cultural components with science subjects to make teaching and learning more interesting and effective for those who want to teach, for teachers and academic staff.