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Ludwigsburg University of Education

The University of Education exists in Ludwigsburg (Germany) since 1966 and is the largest of the six Universities of Education in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. Besides Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, these Universities of Education offer doctoral and post-doctoral degrees and are therefore on a par with full universities. They concentrate on educational science issues both in research and teaching. The Ludwigsburg University of Education (PHL) is a modern center of competency for educational sciences in four closely related disciplines: school education, extra-curricular children’s and youth education, lifelong learning and education in cultural and social areas.

Influence of the project on Institution

This project allows us to meet new friends and gives us a chance for networking. Meetings with our partners will enrich us with knowledge about other languages and cultures, different teaching and learning methods which we can adapt to our teaching.

Network – local partners

Prof. Dr. Silvija Markic

My name is Silvija and I am a Professor for Science Education with focus on chemistry education. One of my research fields is linguistic heterogeneity and cultural diversity in chemistry classes. I think it is important to focus on this topic. However, we should not only make changes at the school level but also start to sensitize science student teachers for this topic; give them tools to recognize students lower linguistic skills and different cultures in their classes and know how to deal with heterogeneous classes.

Corinna Mönch

My name is Corinna and I am a Ph.D. student in this project. When I was a secondary school teacher training student, I was very interested in topics on heterogeneity and diversity. Unfortunately, they were not enough thematized during my teacher education program. Because it isn’t always easy to reach in-service teachers, it is important to embed these issues in pre-service teacher training as well. Working with our international partners is a great chance to get other points of view on these topics to also further improve teacher training in Germany.