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University of Mostar

University of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a higher education institution, which organizes and performs university studies, scientific and professional work. It is one of eight public Universities in BiH and the only one where Croatian is used as the official language. The University is founded by cantons in which majority of the Croatian people live. It consists of 10 faculties and the Academy of Fine Arts. Today, over 11000 students study at the University of Mostar. The educational process is conducted through 70 study groups at the undergraduate and 77 groups at the graduate and postgraduate level. University of Mostar is internationally oriented and its intention is to become fully integrated into the European Higher Education Area. From the academic year 2005/2006, teaching process at the University of Mostar is conducted in accordance to Bologna process. The University of Mostar fulfils the criteria for accreditation prescribed by the Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance of BiH (2015) and university successfully passed re-accreditation by Agency of Higher Education in the Republic of Croatia (2017). Since September 2018. University of Mostar is integrated University.

Influence of the project on Institution

The project ESTA allows us to develop and improve knowledge, skills and technical resources in chemistry education in line with EU policy. Also, allows us to develop new networking with other HEIs and meet new friends.

Network – local partners

Roko Vladušić, Ph.D.

My name is Roko and I am working as a higher lecturer and assistant professor for chemistry education. One of my research fields is language of teaching and learning chemistry. I think it is very important to increase pre-service chemistry teachers’ awareness that carelessly used language is one of the biggest obstacles for students’ comprehension of chemistry. This project is a challenge and chance for all of us to learn how to become more effective chemistry teachers and students in culturally and linguistically heterogeneous classrooms.

Zora Pilić, Ph.D. professor

I am Zora Pilić and I am a professor of physical chemistry. The area of my scientific activity is electrochemistry. One of the fields of my professional interest is to improve knowledge and skills of teaching chemistry; how to communicate in a scientifically correct way and recognize students their cultural diversity and abilities. It is very important in a time of constant population migration to make sensitive science teaching through development of new and innovative methods. I believe that this project is excellent opportunity for it.

Anita Martinović Bevanda, Ph.D. Associate professor

My name is Anita and I am professor for Analytical chemistry. The primary motive for participating in ESTA is the joy of learning and teaching in science. I hope that our common visions and efforts will result in teachers who have knowledge and skills suitable for teaching all students for our better future.

Stanislava Talić, Ph.D. Associate professor

My name is Stanislava and I am professor of Biochemistry at the University of Mostar. Like every other profession, teachers are also facing a lot of challenges of contemporary society. In an environment of constant migration and exchange students, it is necessary to overcome cultural and linguistic diversity by applying new methods in teaching. I believe that participation in the ESTA project is excellent opportunity for the adoption and implementation of innovative methods in teaching chemistry.

Ivana Martinović, Ph.D. Assistant professor

My name is Ivana and I am assistant professor of General chemistry at the University of Mostar. I think that is important for teachers to understand diversity in classroom. Diversity expresses itself in many different ways and it is important to use it to improve critical-thinking skills, stimulate students to think differently and encourage them to be interculturally sensitive.

Mirna Brkić Vučina, Ph.D. Associate professor

My name is Mirna Brkić Vučina. I am a professor of Croatian language and literature. The subject of my scientific interest is contemporary Croatian literature and the oral literature, tradition and culture of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina. My motive for participating in this project is to improve knowledge and skills in a project that encompasses professionals from various fields of science.